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Scarlets Palace
Scarlets Palace
Sensuality and so much more

Hands sliding over smooth skin, driving pleasure. Signal to a brain overloaded with sensation. Moving towards known pleasures centers, my mind predicts the feeling before it happens. If you continue, the touch is a sweet fulfillment of that pregnant moment, only to build to the next one.


Your hands move from touching skin to gliding over muscle, following the shape and firmness of a body aching for recognition. You change again, body contact, a new level of sensation. Was that touch, that slight rub of thigh against foot an accident?


You are a Minx, it is never an accident. Your teasing is designed to have me begging for release. You are secure in your skill, only the timing is relevant. How long and how high does this ride go…


                                                                                                       - Craig Collins -                            

Scarlet’s Palace is a sensual massage palace in which our masseuses are one of the most beautiful and talented ladies in the industry. We offer a range of  Timeless, upscale sensual massage services customized especially for you.

Being a premier destination for sensual massage in Pretoria, we pride ourselves in offering a discreet, upscale, and highly erotic massage experience. Our sanctuary is a discreet, safe, and inspiring place ~ A lot of attention to detail with decor, cleanliness, ambient lighting.


Our management staff is completely dedicated to customer service.   A tale of a venue with a happy ending…  The rays of the setting sun bounce like cupid’s arrows off the stylish arches , staining it burnished gold.


Be taken on epic adventures that you will never want to forget! Your pleasure is their pleasure, and they take great joy in providing the pinnacle of  VIP companionship to sophisticated gentlemen, so let them amuse, titillate, and seduce you with the finesse that is possible only in the company of a true woman. You can also choose an extraordinary 4 hands session. The sky really is the limit with any pair of our carefully matched Duos.


Here at Scarlet’s Palace® we take a lot of time and effort to ensure your massage experience with us is pleasurable.

Please Note: that while we are the Epitome of Seduction and Desire, we do not offer full service or unsafe practices


Situated conveniently in Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria East area.

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