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Are your premises easily reached by your customers?

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Yes, we are located on Rigel close to the Brooklyn Mall with easy access and a convenient PTA East location.

What are your working hours?

We are open 6 days a week ( Monday- Saturday) Monday, Tuesday & Thursday's  open from 8am till 8pm.  Wednesday, Friday from 8am till 5 pm

Saturday from 8am till 2pm,  Sundays by  appointment

 Do you give discounts?

No, sorry but we frequently have offers which you can view on our website. We also provide our clients with a complimentary drink of choice on arrival.

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What is a private dance ?

It is combination of  a lap dance with elements of  a striptease. This is great start for your massage session. It lasts 30min.

Do I need to bring anything?

 We provide everything (fresh towels , shower gel and body sprays, hand & body lotion ). 

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Why erotic massage is better and safer than sex?

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When you surrender yourself fully to the hands and body of a beautiful unknown woman giving an erotic massage, you render yourself open to thrill and excitement. You can lie back, relax and let someone else take the lead. You'll have the true excitement of not knowing what's going to happen next, awakening all of your senses and opening you up to  new level of pleasure. When the final release comes, you'll experience the ecstasy of it tenfold better than sex.The health benefits of massage are also well documented.

Do you massage women?

Yes, of course we also accommodate ladies and provide luxurious Couples sessions as well..

Do you have shower facilities?

Yes, of course we have shower facilities. Our assisted showers are essential before and after a massage . If you are stressed before your session assisted shower is the best way to relax and  warm up your muscles a bit, begin your relaxation process.

is towels clean?

Of course we understand that you may have those thoughts. If you do please just ask we won't be offended. Our towels are washed in 95°C with antibacterial washing powder used in hotels and hospitals.

Our customers and staff safety are the most important . At Scarlet's Palace  we are determinate to keep hygienic standard the highest  possible.

Are we private and discreet?

Our clients privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Here at Scarlet's we offer secure parking with high walls. Completely discreet at all times.


The most important : RELAX  and enjoy!  We are professionals that will tend to your every need.

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